Did You Know Microsoft Had a Video for That?

When it comes to learning a new technology, the web has a lot of resources that are available. One that is often overlooked is the Microsoft Virtual Academy. We have hundreds of free video resources for learning new technologies. Check out this list…

  • Visual Basic…Check
  • Asp.Net…Check
  • C#…Check
  • SQL Server…Check
  • Azure…Check
  • Python and Django…Check…(scratching sound)…WHAT?  That’s right! We’re running a live event on June 17th on “Building Websites with Python and Django”.

Not only that…we even have free training videos on cross platform for iOS devices, Java, MongoDB, and even the MEAN Stack (that’s Mongo, Express, Angular and NodeJS).

If you’re thinking this isn’t the Microsoft you are used to, you’re probably right. But then again…if you haven’t heard Satya talk about it yet, you haven’t been listening…”Mobile First. Cloud First.” The world is changing rapidly. Technology is changing rapidly. Microsoft is focused on creating the most productive software on any platform.

Are you developing for mobile first yet?

Are you moving to the cloud?

If you’re looking for resources to help you learn how to get there, be sure to check out Microsoft Virtual Academy. Head on over to http://mva.ms.