My digital life…downgraded to paper

I never really realized how much I rely on my digital life. This could be subtitled…”My life with Emma” (see video below).

I am really stressing out as I get ready to leave for Boy Scouts SeaBase to go sailing with my Eagle Scout son. While it sounds like a relaxing trip, I am most relaxed behind a computer. I have spent a lot of time researching sailing, navigation, chart reading, etc…I even read up on how to measure position with a sextant.

Here’s the rub…they have asked the boys to leave all of their electronics behind for the week. They call it a “digital detox”. Call it whatever you want…but for me, this is raising my blood pressure for sure.

I have notes and charts and all sorts of information in OneNote. I rely on Cortana to get through the airport. I have four tablets that I leave throughout the house that are synced with OneDrive to make it easy to have access to what I need when I need it.

Today…I have paper! I supported the deforestation of the planet and printed the notes, plans, charts, diagrams, sailing terms. Searching…ugh! It’s called thumbing through the pages to find where I put that obscure little note.

My wife has no problem living her life like this. She always refers to herself as “Emma”. If you don’t get that reference you must see the video below. This is my wife and me to a “T”. I would love for my wife to enter the 21st century…but it ain’t happening…and I’m not willing to risk 22 years of marriage to change her. I do know this for sure…I can’t live like this for more than a week.

It does, however, make me wonder. If I was using dialup BBS boards to store my digital life in the past and I use 4 tablets and the cloud today…where will my children be when they are escorting their children to SeaBase in thirty years?