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Presenter Tips #1: Visual Studio built in Presenter Mode

I was talking with my teammate David Giard as he was setting up his Visual Studio environment for a presentation. He hadn’t heard of the Visual Studio “Presenter Mode”,  so I thought I would post a entry to help others too.

So you are getting ready to speak and present with Visual Studio. How are the people in the back of the room reading your code. Sure, you can go in and change the font size in the options menu. What about the fonts in the rest of the environment…the Solution Explorer, Server Explorer, dialog windows. How do those look? And when you get done presenting, you have to put it all back.

This is where “Presenter Mode” comes in incredibly handy. It’s easiest to get set with the Quick Launch (ctrl +  Q). Simply type “PresentOn” and press enter. All of the fonts including code and environment are sized to be appropriate for presenting. When you are done, simply go back to the Quick Launch and type “PresentOff” and everything goes back to normal.


Oh, and notice the PresentEdit…this will open up the settings file for you to modify what those “PresentOn” settings are so you can set this up just the way you like.

Hope this frees you up to focus on making sure your demos function as expected.

Update: Here I thought this was built into Visual Studio and realized it was just that I had installed the Visual Studio Productivity Tools here: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/3a96a4dc-ba9c-4589-92c5-640e07332afd