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Dear Mom, You Really Should Upgrade to Windows 10

Hey Mom, I know we have been talking lately about how Microsoft is getting ready to release Windows 10 this week. You told me that keep seeing this notice on your desktop computer about reserving your upgrade, but you weren’t happy with your new compute because it came with Windows 8, and you just didn’t know how to do anything any more. Well, Mom…this is why you SHOULD upgrade to Windows 10.

Remember Windows 95…and the “Start Menu”…it was there all the way through Windows 7, then disappeared in Windows 8 (well it didn’t disappear…it just changed). Anyway, it’s back where you expected it. In fact, Windows 10 will feel just like you remember your Windows running before you bought the new computer. The best part is, those tiles that have your daily weather that you like…they are still there too. You get the best of both worlds. The familiarity of Windows 7 and the informative tiles of Windows 8. You can customize it to have it they way you want it.  The things you use most will be right there for you.


All of your games and applications will continue to work. Not to mention, they might even be a bit zippier as there are a number of performance enhancements in there as well. OneDrive is still there, so as you move around from your desktop to the tablet, your files will be right where you expect them to be. No futzing with flash drives.

Remember how I talk to my phone a lot…well that is Cortana. She is a personal assistant that keeps track of things for me. Just this morning, she saw I bought a ticket to San Diego and made a note to keep track of the flight status for me. I didn’t have to do a thing. Best part is, she knows it takes me 20 minutes to get to the airport, so she will even alert me when I need to leave for the airport. Best part is…she is now part of the desktop. So it isn’t just talking to the phone any more, it’s any time I am using a computer.


One last thing is Virtual Desktops. You can set up a desktop for your email and facebook, and a desktop for your embroidery and a desktop for your video games. Then when you want to change what you are doing, you aren’t messing with Minimizing and Maximizing windows…you just change desktops. It will change the way you use your computer…I promise.

I know a lot of people are going to wait and see if there are any bugs or problems. Here’s the thing…millions of people have been using Windows 10 for months and we have a lot of really good feedback. I have been using it for three months without problems.

Look Mom, I love Windows 10. I love you. Do you think I would tell you to do something that was going to cause me more of those “technical support calls”…No! I think it is one of the best Microsoft has done. It’s a free upgrade, you need to definitely consider it. Sign up for it today and it will start rolling out on Wednesday, July 29.  I know you’ll love it too.

I love you, Mom,